The first green ADV Company in Europe

Urban Vision is the benchmark for companies that invest in advertising
but at the same time are concerned with air pollution issues.

Emissions monitoring

We have always given great value to the environmental sustainability of our projects and we are the first advertising agency to have introduced a system for monitoring and reporting its greenhouse gas emissions and to have obtained certification in accordance with ISO 14064-1.

TheBreath® technology

Urban Vision concern about environmental issues has led the company to adopt The Breath technology – developed by Anemotech – on its Out of Home structures that treats and purifies polluted air in cities.

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What is it

A cutting edge fabric, comprised of nano – molecule activated core which separates and absorbs polluting and toxic molecules. A fabric designed reduce pollution from buildings and vehicles and to improve local air quality.

The Breath technology absorbs and lowers primarily and secondary pollutant molecules – NO2, (Nitrogen oxides) SO2 (sulfur oxides), and Benzene C6H6 (highly toxic carcinogen). These pollutant molecules are directly proportional to the presence of particulates PM10, PM1.0 and PM2.5 particulate matter of a diameter of less than 10 micrometers present in the air, which is known to have a direct impact on health. Figures show that installation of The Breath will result in an average daily reduction in pollution air in our cities

Properties of the fabric


The Breath in numbers

The Breath can absorb air pollution concentrations within a 25 meter area. At this distance The Breath has optimum impact, effectively removing pollution.

1. As part of the urban canyon effect air is circulated up into the Breath fabric mesh.
2. As air passes through the fabric mesh, pollution is trapped in the nano molecules – activated core.
3. The core transforms the polluting molecules, this cleans the air.

The installation of The Breath in a city environment directly tackle air pollution occuring from energy use in and around the building. As well as absorbing vehicle pollution from the street and nearby transport infrastructure.

Recycled woven

It’s a 100% environmentally friendly woven fabric. A recycled, recyclable and ecological fabric, produced with the collection of abandoned PET bottles.

An eco-friendly alternative to the fabric used today for large format digital printing.

1 Sqm of recycled woven is produced with the reuse of 71.5l of PET plastic bottles.

It’s a material that meets all environmental criteria and is ECOCERT GREENLIFE certified.