Santa Maria dei Miracoli

This prestigious installation is located on the walls of the church of Santa Maria di Loreto in piazza Venezia which dates from the sixteenth century, adjacent to foro traiano and the roman forum. Piazza Venezia is the most famous, important and popular place in the capital (both for romans and tourists alike). The exclusive position is therefore a unique opportunity to communicate to an inestimable target both for quantity and for the quality of the contacts.

Piazza Venezia is in fact the obligatory transit for nearly all of the quarters of the capital. The installation is in front of the traffic coming from Corso Vittorio Emanuele II and from via del Teatro di Marcello. There is a very high level of pedestrian traffic, that includes all the tourists in Rome and the multitude of Romans that go to work in the private and public offices, the shoppers, 100% of government workers and those that work in the financial world and the inhabitants of the central areas.