San Babila Church

The Church of St Babila, located in the piazza that takes its name, is probably the first Christian church in Milan. It was built on the site of an ancient church, which in turn was built (in 46 AD.) over the remains of a pagan temple dedicated to the Sun. The Romanesque and Baroque style of the church we see today is the result of the restoration work carried out at the end of the 19th century.

It was rebuilt with an additional bay after 1575; its monumental façade, later demolished, and Romanesque apses, by Aurelio Trezzi, were completed between 1598 and 1610. Finally, in 1880, a complete restoration was commissioned to architect Cesa Bianchi, who brought back to splendour the original Romanesque structure with additions in the same style. Work on the façade was directed by Cesare Neva and completed in 1905; the bell tower, originally found on the façade, is now on the side, taller and transformed in Romanesque-Lombard style in 1926.

The restoration work carried out in 2012/13 was sponsored thanks to Urban Vision.