Bocca della verità

The basilica of Santa Maria in Cosmedin is one of the best examples of medieval architecture. Inside its portico the famous Bocca della Verità can be found. This bas-relief is famous throughout the world, above all for the medieval leggend that maintains that if you tell a lie while placing your hand in the mouth of the large mask, the mouth by magic, “bites”, cutting off the hand of the liar. Even today, hundreds of tourists queue at all hours of the day patiently waiting their turn to stick their hand in and verify the leggend in person! We find ourselves at the crossroads between Lungotevere and the direction that leads to Campidoglio (City Hall) and Piazza Venezia. A few steps from Circo Massimo, the Teatro di Marcello and the Roman Forum. Here there
are the main offices of city hall and the registry offices.