Social Responsibility

No man is an island wrote the poet John Donne in one of his most famous verses. It is the same today for businesses. No company leads an isolated existence, in itself, but it is rather to act within a complex social fabric, animated by innumerable “rumors”. Among them stands out undoubtedly that of a civil society, today much more informed and attentive to the entrepreneurial work than in the past.

Practical measures are needed, that can balance economic goals with social, environmental and human repercussions, perfectly integrated in the business development strategy.

Urban Vision has always pursued strategic sustainability objectives, backing up the corporate culture with a social responsibility that produces tangible values for all
company stakeholders. To daily commitment in defence of the national artistic heritage, Urban Vision equates an equally effective support to non-profit campaigns and initiatives that promote the
value of people, territory, environment and art.

We strive every day with every tool at our disposal to assert and defend the value of a responsible Beauty.

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