Beyond the physical boundary of the media

We are moving beyond the physical boundary of the media and opening up to new possibilities, constantly working with new technologies and ideas that allow us to overcome any limit between the media and its interaction with the public, with the aim of transforming each campaign into an experience.

OOH and Social media can now dialogue

Create, exchange, and broadcast user-generated content within a creative context.

Accelerate and amplify social media campaign. Our Maxi led displays can show content from instagram, twitter or facebook and interact.

Be part of the ad

Place passersby in the ad.

Interactive behaviours are redefining Out of Home advertising’s role. It is helping to amplify many of Out of Home’s traditional strengths and is providing a wide range of new opportunities for brands to engage with consumers. Outdoor was once a notice-and-do medium, now it’s a think-and-feel medium too, triggering interaction and launching experiences.

Augmented Reality

Overcome the physical space of the media, supplying the virtual space around it thanks to a set of resources that can be quickly activated.

Scented out of home

Scents have an immediate and compelling effect as they are directly linked to the brains limbic system which is the part of the brain responsible for our memories and emotions. Therefore scents go beyond our rational perception and have an ultimate impact on our emotions.

Know your audience,
measure the performance

Our OOH are equipping with head-counter devices, that collects 100% anonymous data and processes metrics on people flows, with real-time analysis of the campaign’s performance.