Urban Vision scents the city in maxi size

Urban Vision launches the scented maxi billboards in Via Fiori Chiari, in the central Brera district.

A 380 sqm plant of pure fragrance that spreads 100% natural essential oils, with anti-stress and antibacterial properties.

Thanks to this innovative implementation, the “scented out of home” billboards- that will soon be available also in the cities of Padova and Firenze- will be able to engage people not only visually but also olfactory, bringing human engagement into an even more immersive and impactful multisensory dimension.

Starting with a fragrance made of 100% natural essential oils, with strong beneficial characteristics with decongestant properties for the airways, immunostimulants, antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-stress and relaxing, such as the one provided by the maxi billboard in Milan and designed specifically for this particular moment of repopulation of urban spaces.

Moreover, the new URBAN fragrance, a real perfume logo identifying the URBAN VISION brand, is scheduled to be launched soon on the market.

Customers interested in experiencing a new dimension of communication will be offered: an olfactory library from which to choose more than eight varieties of fragrances able to evoke experiential moments or suggestive locations, as well as the possibility to create or reproduce the unique personal fragrance for their brand.

All perfumes are created by Italian nose Luca Maffei and the dispensing systems are made exclusively by Integra Fragrances.

As all of our installations, also the scented maxi billboards are made with the innovative “The Breath” technology that captures pollutants in the atmosphere.