Sustainable advertising, for a zero-emission OOH

For an increasingly greener OOH, Urban Vision uses an integrated approach to technological innovation and social responsibility,  together with a continuous commitment to zero its CO2 emissions.

Urban Vision is the first media company with ISO 14064-1 certification, that stands out for its management system for monitoring and reporting its greenhouse gas emissions certified in accordance with ISO 14064-1.

Among the green-innovations implemented by Urban Vision, there is the use of an ECOCERT certified advertising towel entirely ecological and sustainable, which is obtained from the reuse of PET bottles: with 7 bottles of one and a half liter you can produce 1sqm of cloth.

In addition, all Urban Vision billboards are implemented with the innovative “The Breath” technology, consisting of three layers operating in synergy: the first layer facilitates the filtering of air, the intermediate layer breaks down and captures the polluting molecules, while the last layer frees bactericidal agents into the atmosphere. To date, Urban Vision’s use of “The Breath” technology has absorbed pollution from 7,155,750 cars.

To further tackle and prevent the issue of metropolitan pollution, Urban Vision uses photocatalytic paints with high environmental sustainability for the realization of artistic works on its walls, which are able to carry out a strong self-cleaning action and neutralize the air pollutants in urban centers, turning them into harmless substances.