Urban Vision and TIM launch the European’s largest green billboard

Thanks to Urban Vision, TIM inaugurates in Milan the largest green billboard in Europe, counting on an advertising surface of more than 2500 square meters. TIM’s new campaign, featuring Spider-Man and the dancer JSM, was displayed on the restoration site of the Municipal Services Tower in via Melchiorre Gioia.

The maxi-billboard is located on one of the exclusive Urban Vision sites that use the zero-impact Technology ‘The Breath’, a special multilayer fabric designed to reduce pollution and to improve local air quality, not needing any energy source .

TIM confirms to orient its corporate social responsibility towards those initiatives and high-tech projects aimed at promoting sustainability and environmental protection. A commitment that today is even stronger thanks to The Breath, the innovative ad-sorbent fabric patented by the Italian start up Anemotech and distributed, since February, by Urban Vision in Italy and the UK.