Cultural Heritage and Fund Raising: public-private partnerships and innovation are the leverages of Urban Vision’s growth

32,644,000 € of sales in 2016 (+ 64%); 3,545,560 € of EBITDA (+64% compared with 2015); 49% of ROE. 2016: here are the figures presented by Urban Vision, company specialised in sponsored restorations. Urban Vision has become, in only ten years, the leader of a whole industry; plus, it has experienced a new business model, based on mediation between public and private system with the aim of carrying out cultural fund raising projects .

Urban Vision’s success is due to a completely Made in Italy know-how, together with the constant research for innovation, as showed by the company’s cross-media ground-breaking campaigns and its social responsibility initiatives.

This effort is also proven by the partnership with Anemotech, the start-up who patented the fabric ‘The Breath’ (adopted by Urban Vision on all its sites), with the goal of contributing to the protection of the environment.

We are extremely pleased with these results”, commented Fabio Mazzoni, CEO of Urban Vision. “The figures confirm that we are developing a winning strategy, in terms of quality, creativity and innovation. The ability to create synergies, our reliability and effectiveness were completely recognised when it comes to one specific goal: bringing back to life our cultural heritage. “

“In 2016, the company balanced the books highlighting a € 1,375,345 net profit”, Mazzoni said : “This encourages us to carry on this way even in 2017. We plan to strengthen the reputation we gained in Italy over the years and, at the same time, to expand abroad. In fact, our commitments on the short term are to broaden the scope of the company’s operations and to gain a foothold on new markets, especially in Europe, as we did in the UK.