Urban Vision and Anlaids side by side for the campaign “DO T#E TEST BE T#E BEST”

Urban Vision supports Anlaids Lazio. A Maxi billboard, in Piazza del Gesù, Rome, features the campaign “DO T#E TEST BE T#E BEST”, aimed at boosting the access to #HIV saliva testing

In recent years, the progress in antiretroviral treatments has softened the drawbacks of HIV infection. In spite of the improvement of HIV-positive people’s life conditions, the public awareness about the disease is unjustifiably decreasing. The Anlaids campaign, therefore, intends to promote a strong culture of prevention, allowing everybody to have free HIV saliva tests.

“We are extremely pleased to support Anlaids campaign,” Gianluca De Marchi, Urban Vision’s CEO, said: “Talking about HIV and raising public awareness on this issue is of the utmost importance. The best way to prevent the disease is to provide information through educational programs, especially targeting young people.”

‘We are grateful to Urban Vision for this partnership – Massimo Ghenzer , President of Anlaids Lazio , said. “Our goal has always been to promote any initiative for the development of scientific research in the fields of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the infection. Here is the reason why it’s essential to put the light on a disease that, nowadays, appears to be almost forgotten. We must remind all citizens to be vigilant, and that the prevention is crucial to fight against HIV “

The Anlaids campaign will close with a fundraising event set in an amazing venue, Palazzo Doria Pamphilj, in Rome, on June the 8th