“Vite Coraggiose” (Courageous lives): Urban Vision supports the fight of Bambin Gesù against rare diseases

Urban Vision and Fondazione Bambino Gesu Onlus’s partnership continues thanks to the campaign “Vite Coraggiose”, which focuses on the fight against rare, ultra rare and undiagnosed diseases.

Throughout January, a new maxi-billboard will be hosted on the facade of Palazzo della Cancelleria, in Rome. The goal? Raising awareness among the citizens to support the research of the Paediatric Hospital. The initiative is part of Urban Vision’s social responsibility activities, thus the campaign was featured for free on the Company’s sites, shortly after the first relaease.

“We are grateful to Urban Vision for this further opportunity – says Bruno Dallapiccola, scientific director of Bambin Gesù – Supporting the research means supporting thousands of sick children and their families, giving them a chance to finally find a cure – or, at least, a diagnosis – for their rare illness”

The Paediatric Hospital Bambino Gesù has activated a clinic especially devoted to those children, and their families, whose diseases are indiagnosed. The facility, which works both remotely (on telematics basis) or directly (by reservation), allows parents to receive a qualified diagnostic consult without being forced to go to the hospital, thus helping family already burdened by the costs of cures. With regard to the direct access, the clinic provides multispecialistic diagnosis and assistance customised on the children’s real needs, thanks to the preventive acquisition of clinical history and documentation.
“We are delighted to provide, once again, our help for the campaign “Vite Coraggiose” – said Urban Vision’s CEO, Gianluca De Marchi. Turning the spotlight on this important cause is not only a duty of ours, but also a commitment that we intend to honor in the future. We have to, for all those children fighting against rare diseases, for their parents waiting for answers and for the doctors who work daily to find the most effective treatments. ”

Rare diseases affect, in Italy, over 1 million children under the age of 16. Sixty percent of them, after the appearance of the first symptoms of illness, wait, on average, two years to receive a diagnosis; 40 percent of these deseases, remain unfortunately undiagnosed. To support scientific research in this field, Bambin Gesù Foundation Onlus has started since 2015 the communication and fundraising campaign “Vita Coraggiose”.