Cyber bullying, Urban Vision supports Samsung’s #OFF4aDAY campaign

 “This advertising space has been turned off, just as the lives of cyber bullying victims”. These words appear on Urban Vision’s maxi billboards, across Rome and Milan, in support of the #OFF4aDAY campaign launched by Samsung and Moige to raise public awareness of a social issue that every year affects more and more young people and represents one of the greatest risks of information technology misuse.

It was important for us to support Samsung and Moige’s campaign – said Urban Vision’s CEO, Gianluca De MarchiBullies target individuals they consider “different” because of the way they look, their sexual or political orientations, or just because they are shy; victims are driven to isolation, depression and, in the worst cases, suicide. Bullies, especially young teenagers, often don’t realise how badly their behaviour can affect others; this campaign – says De Marchi is not just a way to commemorate the victims of cyber bullying, but also an invitation to keep fighting against this social issue that represents a real and dangerous form of violence.