Fontana della Barcaccia

Rome | Piazza di Spagna


The fountain, known as Barcaccia (ugly boat), owes its name to the typical boats that used to navigate the Tiber. The Barcaccia is the first fountain of the Aqua Virgo Aqueduct, the only one still operational today; it is positioned low in the ground because the water is supplied by the aqueduct at a very low level. It was built between 1628 and 1629, for Pope Urbano VII, of the Barberini family. Works were directed by the sculptor Pietro Bernini.

Due to the fountain’s severe level of degradation, the Municipality of Rome included it in the “Fountains of Rome Circuit” restoration project.

Restoration work will involve the sculptures as well as the basins and the paving around it, all thanks to Urban Vision’s fund raising.