The expression Corporate Governance refers to the set of rules, business strategies and management procedures aimed at ensuring an effective and efficient management of the company. The goal is to add value to the company itself in the medium-long term period, taking into account the stakeholders’ interests.

Urban Vision complies with the best national and international practices, in order to ensure the highest standards of transparency and accountability as for the company’s organs, as well as a proper balance between the functions of strategic oversight, control and management. Urban Vision aims at becoming a virtuous benchmark for its partners, customers, and employees. The characteristic trait of the company consists in creating value with integrity, whilst trading fairly. This implies, above all, full respect for the law and a deep sense of responsibility for the company and the people involved, a continuous research for the highest efficiency of production processes and commitment to constant innovation.

For these reasons, we have signed the Code of Ethics and adopted the Organizational Model 231 – to be downloaded by clicking on the following links. These tools are consistent with the essential values ​​that guide our daily work and represent a reference for our stakeholders – employees and suppliers. As a further guarantee, Urban Vision was included by the Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del mercato in the list of companies with legality rating, in compliance with the Bill no. 27, 24th of March 2012.