Arte e comunicazione

Together we can create masterpieces

Supporting the cultural heritage is a commitment,
enhance it is a great opportunity.

We help entities and companies to create communication projects to support the enhancement and the public enjoyment of the cultural heritage

our proposal

To whom we address

To Institutions owners of cultural heritage

By innovative methods to support the heritage

We help the organizations that manage the cultural heritage to find resources to support the projects of restoration and enhancement of the Artistic Heritage, with innovative activities in order to involve the public and extend the possibility of a cultural experience.

To the companies that intend to support the enhancement projects

For high-value communicative opportunity

The communication projects tied to the support of cultural heritage are a great opportunity for the brand, an occasion to generate innovative content that put the companies in contact with beauty values.

The citizens, who enjoy the culture

For the dissemination and sharing of cultural experience

We facilitate and amplify the possibility of access to knowledge about the heritage and we also foster the cultural experience through the use of digital media and the most advanced technology.


The italian cultural heritage, among the most extensive in the world, offers numerous opportunities for enhancement initiative.

This is the reason why we are committed to a continuous effort of research, as devoted as possible to identify the best cultural projects and the most efficient communication strategies.


From the identification of the property to its restitution to the community

  • Art scouting: identification of the project We monitor the cultural and artistic heritage and identify the enhancement project of the property most related to the values and strategies of the potential sponsor.
  • Communication project We elaborate for the business the methods of involvement and visibility most efficient with the returns and the maximization of the investment in mind.
  • Activation and design process management We take care of the communication project’s creation and contextually manage the reports with the entity owner of the property, guaranteeing the respect of the bureaucratic procedure and the regulations in effect.