About Us

Urban Vision was founded in 2004 by Gianluca De Marchi, Fabio Mazzoni and Daniela Valenza. We are a leading company in fund raising services aimed at restoring architectural and artistic heritage and redeveloping important urban areas..

Urban Vision, with offices in Rome, Milan and London, is a FAI Corporate Golden Donor and can count on a team of professionals able to offer the best outdoor communication solutions: offering visibility to those companies that finance the restoration works while respecting the architectural context where the advertisement is displayed.

In the past ten years, thanks to Urban Vision and its collaboration with public and private institutions, over 200 restorations projects have been completed, including churches, monuments and historic buildings. We are proud of our history of successes which is fuelled by our commitment to culture and love for Italian art..


Our Mission

Urban Vision’s core values? Valorising, protecting and promoting Italian and international cultural and architectural heritage. To achieve these goals, Urban Vision supports at its most efficient all those professionals spending their time and using their skills for this cause.

Our company works closely together with institutions and partners in order to identify and carry out monumental, sculptural and pictorial restoration projects, activating strategic partnerships with international brands whose aim is to contribute financially to the development of such a mission.

As shown by its ten-year commitment, Urban Vision also intends to contribute to the promotion of a new vision of beauty, that combines historical memory and sense of identity. Our goal is to transform our cultural heritage into a genuine economic leverage to produce sustainable growth and wealth.