Pompeii: a timeless wonder playing the lead in Rome with Urban Vision

14 April 2017

The media partnership between Urban Vision, company leader in sponsored restorations, and Pompeii’s Soprintendenza Speciale continues.

A brand new billboard in Piazza di Madonna dei Monti (Rome) features a detail – a theatrical mask – of the amazing frescoes of the House of the Golden Bracelet. This image gets the visitors ready to the “Wonder of Suspended Time” that awaits them in the world-renowned Archaeological Park.

Pompeii has been hosting a bunch of important appointments, lately. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Pablo Picasso’s trip to Italy, the Archaeological Park pays homage to the Spanish master by exposing in the Antiquarium the costumes of the ballet “Parade”, designed by Picasso himself (in Pompeii through March 1917), as well as a selection of African and Pompeian theatrical masks on plates, antephyses and ancient statues.

From April 12th, the exhibition “Pompei and the Greeks” displays more than 600 relics in order to investigate the relationship between Pompeii and the Mediterranean populations, focusing on precious imported objects and on Greek inscriptions over the walls of the city.

“Due to its history and its specificity, Pompeii is an incredibly attracting archaeological site – it almost does not need any promotion”, states Massimo Osanna, General Director. “Still, recent results – more than 3 milion and 200,000 visitors in the last year and a continuous growth in 2017 – are the consequence of the consolidation of the site’s image, thanks to recent restorations and valorisation projects. Today this place is alive, more than ever: a rich schedule of appointments allows visitors to enjoy the site in many different ways, and this steps forward have to be shared with a bigger audience. For this purpose, the collaboration with Urban Vision provides us with the necessary support and professionalism.

“We are very proud to continue our collaboration with the Soprintendenza Speciale di Pompeii, following the partnership set up on the occasion of Michelangelo Pistoletto’s performance (Urban Vision was the main sponsor)”, said Ginaluca De Marchi, Urban Vision’s chairman. “This further initiative is another part of our company’s ten-year commitment in preserving and promoting Italian cultural heritage”.