victory house

Urban Vision set for dazzling debut in England

21 March 2016

Starting today the prestigious brand Urban Vision will be irresistibly eyecatching to everyone who passes through popular Leicester Square–the crossroads of teeming Trafalgar, Piccadilly, and Covent Garden in London’s smart Soho district–where the new maxi LED has now been prominently posted on the famous Victory House building.

Urban Vision, which laps the field in global fund raising for the architectural restoration of artistic heritage, is extremely  excited about extending its reach with such a dramatic display to lively London.  The new space will host international realities, exporting the Urban Vision as a model of originality and innovation made in Italy.  The maxi LED will be able to interact with the public through the development of DOOH campaigns (Digital Out Of Home) based on augmented reality technologies, sharing and transmission of live content produced by passersby, Kinect system for the automatic detection of body movements and live streaming.

Dal palazzo di Nickelodeon i brand simbolo dell'eccellenza made in Italy aprono una finestra sul mercato inglese

“The Leicester Square maxi LED is our window on the dynamic English market, where the OOH sector grew by 3.4% in 2015, reaching a value of about £270 million, and with a forecast of further growth even in 2016,” commented Gianluca De Marchi, president of Urban Vision.  “The driver of this increase is certainly the digital component, physiological development and expression of a cutting-edge way to engage the audience, which is why we decided to to export this business model abroad.  For the debut of Urban Vision in London, the first brand to appear on the LED–in a plaza packed night and day with tourists, celebrities, consumers and corporate execs–is one of the foremost international symbols of Italian excellence: Lavazza!”