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10 years of Fund Raising projects aimed at preserving and promoting the Artistic Heritage

Art Fund Raising

We have extensive experience raising private funds to support restoration works and a skilled and qualified staff that can deal with all the aspects of a project.

250 Architecture restoration and urban redevelopment projects

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The Art of Protecting Art

Urban Vision is national leader in the restoration of buildings and monuments, funded through advertising campaigns.

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Art and

Together we can make masterpieces

We identify cultural heritage in need of enhancement and we design innovative ways of supporting it, in line with the values and communication strategies of potential sponsors

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The first Green ADV Company in Europe

Urban Vision adopted The Breath, a ground-breaking technology that treats and purifies polluted air, on all its Out of Home structures.

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For a responsible beauty

Urban Vision’s policies comply with the latest evolutions in corporate social responsibility, supporting and promoting initiatives of social interest.

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Institutions we work with

A billboard containing air-purifying technology currently on display in London could clean up filthy air in the surrounding area.
Lisbona-Praça de Figueira
Urban Vision continues to expand in the international OOH market by inaugurating a new site in Lisbon, in the charming Praça de Figueira.
Gucci Wall 2
Unveiled in London the new Art Wall signed by the Spanish illustrator and executed by Urban Vision
A maxi billboard in Largo La Foppa in Milan transformed in a movie set to promote the new Fox TV series
Social Responsibility
For the second consecutive year, Urban Vision, supports Anlaids (National Association for the fight against HIV), as Media partner, hosting on its sites the fundraising campaign ‘2018 ART & AIDS’.
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Urban Vision renews the membership with FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano (The Italian National Trust) as Corporate Golden Donor for the fourth consecutive year
All the care beauty needs
Urban Vision is the official media partner of Pompei@MADRE, the exhibit hosted at the MADRE Museum in Naples starting November 19, 2017. The exposition is developed in two paths: Materia…
Social Responsibility
Saturday November 25, 2017 at the Auditorium Don Bosco, in Milan, was held the award ceremony “Costruiamo il Futuro Milano città metropolitana.
XFactor - Corso Garibaldi
On the occasion of the ‘Milano Music Week’, Sky, in collaboration with Urban Vision, brought for the first time the music of X Factor on a unique stage of extraordinary…
“We make angels”. This is the Wallace Corp’s mission and thanks to Addendo – creative company of Urban Vision – this promise is today a reality. For the official launch of…
Gucci Bloom Art Wall Milano
Gucci is pleased to announce a new art initiative to celebrate the launch of Gucci Bloom, the first fragrance for the House under its new creative direction. To mark this…
img per sito web urban vision
All the care beauty needs
Our company is official media partner of the site, and will provide its expertise on communication matters, in order to support important initiatives and events.
Thanks to Addendo – creative company of Urban Vision group focused on cross media projects– the Navigli area in Milan became for one-night the stage of an open-air silent discotech promoted by Nastro Azzurro.
Gioia-Torre (35)
Thanks to Urban Vision, TIM inaugurates in Milan the largest green billboard in Europe, counting on an advertising surface of more than 2500 square meters. TIM's new campaign, featuring Spider-Man and the dancer JSM, was displayed on the restoration site of the Municipal Services Tower in via Melchiorre Gioia.
Urban Vision features in Milan the wall painting commissioned by Gucci to the British artist
Social Responsibility
#leparolevalgono is the corporate campaign designed by the Institute of the Italian Encyclopedia Treccani
Social Responsibility
Urban Vision has started an exclusive partenrship with Anemotech for distribution in Italy and England of the zero impact technology ‘The Breath’ .
A ground-breaking material that has been hailed by top medical experts for its ability to absorb harmful airborne molecules and disperse cleaner air is launched today (28th February 2017) in Leicester Square, London.
victory house
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The leading Italian company in OOH to flash a giant LED in the throbbing heart of London.
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he media partnership between Urban Vision, company leader in sponsored restorations, and Pompeii’s Soprintendenza Speciale continues.
Leicester Square by night, uno dei momenti più suggestivi per la cornice londinese dell'OOH firmato Urban Vision
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The leading Italian company in sponsored restoration has consolidated its presence in the dynamic UK market with a giant LED in the heart of the teeming English capital.
All the care beauty needs
On April 22nd, on the occasion of Earth Day 2017, the Pincio terrace in Rome was the venue for the "Earth Concert", organized by Earth Day Italia with the support of Urban Vision, main sponsor.
piazza del Parlamento_BG_13
Social Responsibility
IN JUNE 2016 URBAN VISION SUPPORTS THE CAMPAIGN OF THE BAMBINO GESU’ FOUNDATION “BRAVE LIVES” Brave lives The campaign, launched on the occasion of the special Jubilee of Mercy proclaimed…
Social Responsibility
The outreach effort sponsored by Urban Vision against acts of bullying and cyberbullying continued in January 2016.
Social Responsibility
In July 2016 the President of Urban Vision Gianluca De Marchi organized in Rome the charity event “Afrika”, aimed at gathering funds for the initiatives promoted by the international organization “Medici Senza Frontiere”.
Urban Vision- Anlaids
Social Responsibility
Urban Vision supports Anlaids Lazio. A Maxi billboard, in Piazza del Gesù, Rome, features the campaign “DO T#E TEST BE T#E BEST”, aimed at boosting the access to #HIV saliva…
Il led screen donato da Urban Vision per promuovere la campagna lanciata da For a Smile Onlus
Social Responsibility
Fund-raising for children at risk of poverty FOR A SMILE ONLUS
Social Responsibility
On the occasion of Earth Day 2016, Urban Vision has launched the photo contest “The Eearth: a treasure to safeguard"
Social Responsibility
On the occasion of the Jubilee 2016 Urban Vision has launched the communication campaign “The Beauty will save the world” in collaboration with Earth Day Italy, designed to draw the attention of public opinion to the theme of the protection of artistic and cultural heritage.
All the care beauty needs
Italy’s artistic and architectural heritage is a resource that could, if properly used, contribute significantly to the country’s economic recovery.
Restauri Sponsorizzati
The fountain, known as Barcaccia (ugly boat), owes its name to the typical boats that used to navigate the Tiber. The Barcaccia is the first fountain of the Aqua Virgo…
Social Responsibility
Until 18 October, Via Ripamonti will host the maxi billboard of the campaign in support of the fight against breast cancer. Nina Zilli, the face of the campaign, QVC and…
Tornati a Splendere
The construction of the cathedral was commissioned by bishop Antonio da Saluzzo in 1385. He was supported by the first duke of Milan, Gian Galeazzo Visconti, who envisioned the creation…
Tornati a Splendere
The construction of the various wings of Palazzo Colonna lasted for five centuries.  This has led to the overlapping of different architectural styles, interiors and exteriors, which characterize and reflect…
Vite Coraggiose gennaio 2017-1
Social Responsibility
Urban Vision and Fondazione Bambino Gesu Onlus’s partnership continues thanks to the campaign "Vite Coraggiose", which focuses on the fight against rare, ultra rare and undiagnosed diseases.
Urban Vision has restored 70 historical landmarks since it was founded in 2006. The Washington Post's special issue.

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