Urban Vision has contributed to restoring religious buildings and monuments of inestimable artistic value, actively taking part in important public and private building renovation projects. It has also managed urban renovation projects working closely with institutional bodies responsible for preserving Italy’s cultural heritage.

Architecture restoration
and urban redevelopment projects
92 million euros*
Earmarked funding
for restoration projects
*last update september 2016

Sponsored Restorations

We are Italy’s leading company in the facilitation of public/private partnerships, through Out of Home (OOH) advertising  campaigns, to deliver invaluable funding for historic and commercial renovation projects.
Our commercial partners, seeking to run the OOH campaigns, can take advantage of our personalised planning and consulting services.

Art Fund Raising

We work closely with institutions responsible for the continuity of our artistic heritage to identify and carry out restoration projects aimed at preserving monuments, sculptures and paintings.

We have extensive experience raising private funds to support restoration works and a skilled and qualified staff that can deal with all the aspects of a project.

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Social Responsibility

Non profit campaigns for social awareness sponsored through our services and advertising spaces

THE BREATH a sustainable out of home

Urban Vision has started an exclusive partenrship with Anemotech for distribution in Italy and England of the zero impact technology ‘The Breath’ .

TRECCANI for the Italian language

#leparolevalgono is the corporate campaign designed by the Institute of the Italian Encyclopedia Treccani


In July 2016 the President of Urban Vision Gianluca De Marchi organized in Rome the charity event “Afrika”, aimed at gathering funds for the initiatives promoted by the international organization “Medici Senza Frontiere”.

piazza del Parlamento_BG_13

IN JUNE 2016 URBAN VISION SUPPORTS THE CAMPAIGN OF THE BAMBINO GESU’ FOUNDATION “BRAVE LIVES” Brave lives The campaign, launched on the occasion of the special Jubilee of Mercy proclaimed by Pope Francis, wanted to raise public awareness about the plight of children affected by rare diseases. It affects nearly 2 million people in Italy, […]

The Beauty will save the world

On the occasion of the Jubilee 2016 Urban Vision has launched the communication campaign “The Beauty will save the world” in collaboration with Earth Day Italy, designed to draw the attention of public opinion to the theme of the protection of artistic and cultural heritage.

The Earth, a treasure to keep

On the occasion of Earth Day 2016, Urban Vision has launched the photo contest “The Eearth: a treasure to keep”

Il led screen donato da Urban Vision per promuovere la campagna lanciata da For a Smile Onlus
“For a Smile”, fund-raising for children at risk of poverty

Fund-raising for children at risk of poverty FOR A SMILE ONLUS

“Stop bullying”, in support of TELEFONO AZZURRO

The outreach effort sponsored by Urban Vision against acts of bullying and cyberbullying continued in January 2016.

Cyber bullying, Urban Vision supports Samsung’s #OFF4aDAY campaign

#OFF4aDAY campaign has been launched today by Samsung and Moige on Urban Vision’s maxi billboards across Rome and Milan

Urban Vision and QVC in Milan to thank supporters of the “Pink is Good”project against breast cancer

Until 18 October, Via Ripamonti will host the maxi billboard of the campaign in support of the fight against breast cancer. Nina Zilli, the face of the campaign, QVC and Fondazione Umberto Veronesi, thank all supporters Milan, 12 October 2015 – The successful campaign in support of breast cancer research and prevention has come to […]

The CRI “In + ci sei tu” campaign in Rome with Urban Vision’s collaboration

In + ci sei tu is the recruiting campaign launched by the Italian Red Cross. As of, 1 August the campaign featured in Rome’s most prestigious locations, between Piazza Navona and Campo de’ Fiori, in a space donated by Urban Vision. The In + ci sei tu campaign is an important initiative targeted to the young generations […]

earthetc1 (1)
40th World Earth Day – Photographic Competition

On the occasion of the fortieth EARTH DAY, in 2010 Urban Vision launches the photographic contest “Obiettivo Terra “, in cooperation with the Italian Geographical Society (NGO) and the Foundation Univerde.

braindamage1 (1)
Cocaine burns you and your ideas

In 2009 Urban Vision launches the campaign “The cocaine burns you and your ideas “, to warn especially young generations against the effect that cocaine has on human brain and on his potentiality.

WORD AIDS DAY – Silence does not eliminate the problem

For the XXI World Day to Combat AIDS, Urban Vision launches the social campaign “The silence does not eliminate the problem”, on two billboards in Rome and Milan.

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